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After accepting of the article for publication in the journal «Economic Herald of SHEI USUCT», the authors must sign the agreement of copyright transfer from authors to publisher and sent it to the postal address (the original) or to the e-mail (an scanned copy) of the journal.


The authors keep the rights without coordination with the Editorial Board and Founder of the Journal to use the materials of the article in whole or in part for: teaching, writing thesis, preparing abstracts or conferences reports and oral presentations. Authors’ rights also include posting electronic copies of the article (including final publishing journal format downloaded from the official web-site of the Journal) on personal and noncommercial web-resources as well as on web-resources of Institutions where authors worked (including their repositories).


In any case of using the materials of journal articles, the corresponded bibliographic citation or URL to the official Journal web-site must be provided.

For the preservation of confidential personal information received from the authors, the Editorial Board of the journal «Economic Herald of SHEI USUCT» is governed by the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI dated June 01, 2010 «About Protection of Personal Data». When signing the agreement of copyright transfer from authors to publisher, the authors grant to the publisher the rights to process and use their personal data (position, place of work, academic degree and academic title, service and home telephones, ORCID ID, e-mail and postal address for correspondence) for the publishing of the article. When reviewing, the Editorial Board uses authors’ service and home telephones, e-mail and postal address for correspondence. When publishing, the data about authors’ place of work, ORCID ID, and e-mail are joined the materials of the article.


The author(s) has responsibility for the publishing of personal data of persons referred to in the text of the article.


When publishing the articles, the Editorial Board keeps the Aim and Scope of the journal, is governed exclusively by Statements of the Submission, Reviewing and Publication procedures, rules and regulations of the Publication Ethics, Publication Malpractice Statement, and Plagiarism policy, provides Article Processing Charges and uses Sources of Support indicated on the site of the journal, as well as fixes out timely updating of the site.