Economic Herald
of State Higher Educational Institution
«Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology»

Instructions for authors

Instruction for authors consists of list of materials submitted to the Editorial Board of the Journal, structure of the Article, requirements to the Article design, and admission schedule.

For publication, the authors submit the following materials to the Editorial Board of the Journal:

  1. Manuscript of the article in two languages (English (original) and translation in Ukrainian or Russian (mast be sent)). The filename is printed in English and corresponds to the name of the first author, for example, Ivanov_article, Ivanov_translate.
  2. Information about authors (surname, full name and patronymic, position, place of work, academic degree and academic title, service and home telephones, ORCID ID, e-mail and postal address for correspondence). The filename is, for example, Ivanov_information. An example of registration is given in Appendix 1.
  3. Review of the article signed by the Doctor of Economic Sciences (if there is no Doctor among the co-authors) and certified by the Human Resources Department from the place of work (a photocopy or a scanned copy).
  4. Agreement of copyright transfer from authors to publisher (the original or a scanned copy). Is sent if the article has been accepted for publication. The filename is Ivanov_agreement.
  5. A photocopy or a scanned copy of the document for payment of the publication cost. (Is sent after receiving the confirmation that the article has been accepted for publication).

These materials in electronic form should be sent to the Secretary of the Editorial Board Chernysheva Olena Mykhailivna to e-mail:

Postal address of Editorial Office: SHEI USUCT, 8, Gagarin av., Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine.

The volume of the article must be not less than 10 but not more than 20 pages of text, including tables, figures (4 figures are equivalent to 1 page of text) and references (A4 page format).

Structure of the article

in the original language – for the article, in the language of translation – for the translation of the article

every point starts on a new line 

  • UDC index
  • Article code according to JEL Classification;
  • Surnames and initials of authors;
  • Title of the article (the abbreviations must not be included in the title of the article).
  • The full name of the organization(s) where the work was done, indicating the city.
  • Annotation to the article and key words.
  • The main text of the article divided into the following sections: introduction and formulation of problem, analysis and research of publications, purpose of the article, presentation of the main material, conclusions. Every section starts on a new line after its title. The title of section should be printed as a separate line.
  • References should include less than 15 sources. The list of references should be made in accordance with APA style: Cyrillic literary sources are transliterated in Latin letters, and the translation into English is attached to the title of the material (Appendix 2). Do not use the option “List” for the numbering of sources. References must include the citations to the sources from periodical editions that have been indexed in the leading scientometric databases (Scopus, Web of Science). Number of self-citations should be no more than 20% of total number of references.
  • Surnames and initials of authors, title of the article, the full name of the organization(s) where the work was done, indicating the city, as well as annotations to the article and key words (the located previously in the article should be excluded).

 Surnames and initials of authors, title of the article, the full name of the organization(s) where the work was done, indicating the city should be prepared in three languages (English, Ukrainian, and Russian with identical content).

 The annotation to the article and key words should be prepared in three languages (English, Ukrainian, and Russian with identical content) of 1800-2000 symbols, including keywords. The number of keywords is from 5 to 8.

Requirements for the article design

The text of the article should be prepared in the format of a text editor Word (97-2003) (with the extension *.doc). Font Times New Roman, 12 pt; line spacing is 1.5. The margins must be 2 cm on each side. The text of the article, the title, and authors must not be distinguished by italic or bold.

Figures should be numbered in a sequence that corresponds to the mention in the text. Signatures to figures (in the format Fig. 1. Dependence …) must be written in the language of the main text of the article.

Tables created in the text editor Word must have a sequence number (without the sign number) and the title; each table must be provided with references in the text (in the format Table 1). The format of the tables: font – Times New Roman, size – 10 points, paragraph alignment – centered; line spacing – 1.0; all deviations and intervals are 0 cm.

Formulas must be inserted directly into the text by means of the Microsoft Equation Editor. The numbering of formulas in the text of the article should be given in Arabic numerals on the right side in parentheses.

Articles not corresponded these requirements cannot be accepted for consideration.

Appendix 1

Example of registration of the information about authors

Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich – Head of the Department of Chemical Technology of the SHEI “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology”, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor.

Tel. (0562) 33-33-33



Address for correspondence: SHEI USUCT, 8, Gagarin av., Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine.

Data should be given for all co-authors, postal address and e-mail can be specified only for one author who is in correspondence.

Appendix 2

Example of bibliography 

  1. Illiashenko, S.M. (2012). Marketynhovi zasady vprovadzhennia ekolohichnykh innovatsii [Marketing principles of ecological innovations implementation]. Sumy: VTD «Universytetska knyha» [in Ukrainian].
  2. Dybach, I.L., Hatsura, V.Ya., & Ivata, V.V. (2013). Rol ekolohichnoho marketynhu v zabezpechenni konkurentospromozhnosti vitchyznianykh pidpryiemstv [The role of environmental marketing in enterprises competitiveness ensuring]. Visnyk Khmelnytskoho natsionalnoho universytetu – Bulletin of Khmelnytskyi national university, 3, ser. Economy, 28-33 [in Ukrainian].
  3. Strutinska, L.R., Andrusiv, V., & Lubomudrova, N.P. (2012). Ekolohichnyi marketynh ta innovatsiini rishennia [Environmental marketing and innovative solutions]. Proceedings from Marketing and logistics in the system of management ’12: ІХ Mizhnarodna naukovo-praktychna konferentsiia «Marketynh ta lohistyka v systemi menedzhmentu» – ІХ International Scientific and Practical Conference «Marketing and logistics in the system of management». (pp. 408-409). Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic [in Ukrainian].

Admission Schedule:

№1 – until April 10;

№2 – until October 10.