Economic Herald
of State Higher Educational Institution
«Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology»

Publication Ethics, Publication Malpractice Statement & Plagiarism Policy

The journal «Economic Herald of State Higher Educational Institution «Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology» keeps the rules and regulations established by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) that are available on the website:

For publication, the authors can send exclusively the materials that are the original works.

If the article includes in whole or in parts of the works that are protected by the Copyright and held by third parties, the authors must receive all necessary written permissions from the holders of the copyright for all applications, and make the corresponding link to the original.

The authors must guarantee that the article does not include defamatory and illegal statements, materials and assertions, as well as does not encroach on the rights (including copyrights, patent or trademark rights) of other persons, and does not contain the materials and instructions that can cause harm or losses to third persons.

The requirements for the originality of the materials and plagiarism policy

Plagiarism – an appropriation or use any materials of the scientific work without permission and citation to the author – must be inadmissible in any forms. It concerns:

  • application of other people’s ideas, expressions in their original or edited form without the corresponding links;
  • copying or retelling (performance in other words) parts or sections of other people’s works (without specifying the author(s) and corresponding citation);
  • appropriation the scientific results of other authors.

The application by authors their own previously published data, words, and expressions is considered as an auto-plagiarism and also is inadmissible.

The manuscripts that previously have not been published in whole or in parts (in any conditions, in printed or electronic form), and have not been submitted for publication in other scientific editions are taken into consideration.

If the elements of plagiarism are detected in the manuscript, it is deflected and is not published independently of the stage of consideration and proceeding.

According to the general ethic regulations, the synchronous submission of the same manuscript to the various journals is unacceptable. In these cases the manuscript cannot be taken into consideration independently of its scientific level.

The Editorial Board keeps the right to apply sanctions for the authors who violated these ethic regulations (according to the resolutions of the Editorial Board, the articles of these authors could not be taken into consideration over a period of time).

Permission to reproduce others’ data

If necessary, the authors must provide the written permission from copyrights holders for the using (reproducing) the previously published materials (for example, figures and schemas). The financial costs of these permissions are completely relied on the authors of the manuscripts.

All articles are checked for plagiarism using Unicheck, an external text matching/identity/similarity detection system. Only articles with a level of originality of more than 80% are accepted for consideration.