The Economic Herald
of State Higher Educational Institution
«Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology»




Sukhyi K.M.

Dear authors and readers of the Collection of Scientific Works “Economic Herald of State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology”


Yefimenko Alina
Regulatory and legal provision of banking sector capitalization in conditions of macroeconomic instability

Kravchenko E., Kobets T.
Problems of accounting for work payment calculations during the period of martial status and ways of improvements

Levchenko N.M.
Modification of estimate standards for pricing in construction

Levchenko S.A.
Toolkit for providing economic and safe future of energy enterprises

Nechayeva I.A., Ben V.V.
Determination of incentives for the socio-economic recovery of the economic complex of the Zaporizhzhia region in the conditions of martial law

Pysarkova V.R., Strelchenko I.I.
The system of indicators of the financial stability of the local budget as a component of the assessment of the competitive immunity of the region

Pozhuieva T.O., Bugrim O.Yu.
The role of economic security in forecasting probable threats

Tiutiunyk I.V., Tenytska I.A., Vostrykov P.M.
Environmental taxes shadowing: theoretical aspect

Khudaverdiyeva Viktoriya
State of tourism development and directions of state regulation of tourism policy in Ukraine

Vasilyev Alexey, Litvinova Valeria
Modern approaches to the formation of ways to motivate work

Illiashenko Sergii, Shypulina Yuliia, Illiashenko Nataliia, Raiko Diana
Management of the innovative development potential of industrial enterprises in the digital economy

Kruglikova V.V., Kruglikov Ye.V.
Inclusive local development of communities within the framework of European trends

Kuchkova O.V., Arkhireiska N.V., Malik O.Yu.
Management of the business system of the enterprise

Tkachenko A.M., Hryhorieva O.V.
Model of adaptive behavior of enterprises in the context of transformational changes associated with the aggravation of the climate crisis

Harmider Larysa, Kutsynskyi Andrii, Kutsynska Mariia
Advertising campaign performance evaluation indicators: essential analysis

Naumenko O.P., Kulinich M.A., Plakhotin K.O., Naumenko O.О.
Marketing component of resource-saving environmental technologies of fallen leaves utilization

Karpenko A.V., Sevast’yanov R.V.
Development trends of the cluster movement in the economy of Ukraine